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Welcome to Mrs. Melo Serpa's Website


          Please click on your Math or English group below in order to see a monthly schedule, including homework assigned, project due dates and reminders for tests and quizzes.


     Also, feel free to look at the other Math sites offered below- some of them answer the most popular questions every student has. Enjoy!



Please be advised that all late assignments or projects will be penalized.

Also, plagiarism is unacceptable and will receive a failing grade.

April Math Resources- During Covid-19

(for all Math groups)



April Resources-click here





Math Re-Test Procedure (ONLY for C2 in-class tests):

                   1) Complete a small assignment

                            2) Fix all mistakes on their test- set up recoup time with teacher

                         *Teacher Approval is absolutely required to do the re-test! 



Math Re-Test Grading Policy

    • 70% or below on Re-test= take the better of the 2 test marks
    • 71% or above, if students do better = we average the marks (Re-test and in class test)



Class Information and Homework- Click your Group Below



Math Group-03


Math IB Group 91


Math IB Group- 92



English Group 03



Directions to hand in Assignments online using TEAMS:

                                                   1)    Sign in to your Office 365 email.

                                                  2)    Go to our class: Ethics, English Math teams and click on ASSIGNMENTS

                                                  3)    Find new assignment in the list

                                                  4)    Click on My Work

                                                  5)    FIRST: Click the button to UPLOAD it

                                                  6)    LAST: Then in the top right corner, click TURN IN.




Ethics Group 03



Mrs. Melo Serpa's Lunch Recoup:

Days  4, 6 and 9



Beginning of lunch- 12:21-12:51

(OR by appointment)




Can't find me for lunch time help? Was I absent? DON'T WAIT! 





Topics for the Final Exam


Course Outlines


Course Outlines for Group English & Math 06


Course Outlines for Group 91

Course Outlines for Group 92


English Information:


Vocabulary Videos- FUNNY!!



Math Information:


I forgot what I learned!

I need videos to re-teach me! - Click here for everything!


Math Glossary

Math Tutoring- Online Videos

How Math is Relevant in Daily Life

Math Careers


The Answer to: "Ms. these Math topics are not used in any job!"


Which Jobs Use Math?


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